The Shaper/Caper Social Club

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WTD Social club1.jpg

The Shaper/Caper Social Club


STARTING 2019. The Shaper/Caper Social Club is a monthly meeting space to dance, watch performances, socialise and blether.  It's for adults to cut loose and cut a rug.  Sounding pretty heavenly right? Come join us! 


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The Shaper/Caper Social Club

We are establishing a new type of dance class.  It's a dance class for those that want to move, whether they have experience or not, and for those who want to meet up, socialise and have a blether with some others.  We are calling it The Shaper/Caper Social Club and we run it once a month.  We are thinking performances, banter, laughing and dancing.  What do you think? Up for it?  Tell your friends too because the more the merrier and all that eh? 

Social Club Details:

On Thursdays: STARTS 24th January 2019

From 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  

Suitable for anyone over the age of 18.  You don't need any experience to take part. 

The Shaper/Caper Social Club will feature dance performances, boogies to your favourite hits, and learning sections from our critically acclaimed touring productions alongside, laughs and banter with your buddies. It’s quite the pre-weekend night out!.  The Social Club dances between the barre and the bar for blethers and bants!

The dance class will take place at DUSA The Union, Airlie Place, Dundee DD1 4HP.