Self/ish is a brand new triptych production that explores issues of herd behaviour in relation to equality and homosexuality over the past 50 years in the UK, and exploring attitudes towards homosexuality in other countries

This work stems from a research paper written in 1971 by the biologist W.D. Hamilton. Geometry for the Selfish Herd studied the behaviour of herd animals and had noticed that a herd seems to act as one creature. The churning movement of the herd emerges from the uncoordinated behaviour of self- interested individuals within the group. The animals on the outside of the herd try to reach the safer, centre of the group while moving forward at the same time. 

Choreographed by multi award winning choreographer and BBC Radio 2 Artist in Residence, Self/ish is performed by 4 world class dancers.  


We are looking to develop Self/ish over the next year and we are looking for commissioning partners and co-producers.  We hope to tour Self/ish in spring 2017.   


If you are interested in supporting us to make Self/ish, please contact:

Yolanda Aguilar

Assistant Director