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A dance class with a twist for adults and older (!) young people

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We are establishing a new type of dance class. It’s a bit of a dance class, a bit of a performance, a bit of social, and a bit of an experience! It's a dance class for those that want to move, whether they have experience or not, and for those who want to meet up, socialise and have a blether with some others.  We are calling it The Shaper/Caper Social Club and we run it once a month.  Each month will focus on a different theme. We are thinking watch a show, have some banter and some laughs whilst having a bit of a boogie.  What do you think? Up for it?  Tell your friends too because the more the merrier and all that eh? 


We can only run these once-a month sessions with a minimum of 10 participants, so here is the science: 5 of you book two tickets each and drag your bestie along. Voila!

 Social Club Details:

Thursdays on the following dates:

Thursday 24th January 2019
Thursday 14th February 2019
Thursday 14th March 2019
Thursday 11th April 2019
Thursday 9th May 2019
Thursday 13th June 2019
Thursday 11th July 2019
Thursday 8th August 2019
Thursday 12th September 2019
Thursday 10th October 2019
Thursday 14th November 2019
Thursday 12th December 2019

From 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  

Suitable for anyone aged 18 & over.  You don't need any experience to take part. 

The Shaper/Caper Social Club will feature dance performances, boogies to your favourite hits, and learning sections from our critically acclaimed touring productions alongside, laughs and banter with your buddies. It’s quite the pre-weekend night out!.  The Social Club dances between the barre and the bar for blethers and bants!

DUSA The Union, Airlie Place, Dundee, DD1 4HP, Scotland


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February’s Theme:
My Bloody Valentine

Meet Crimson Velour, a cheap imitation of Red Velvet who has been accused by PC Plods of murdering her husband. Join Crimson as she channels Miss Marple to investigate who murdered her husband and why - despite Crimson being number one suspect!

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The Shaper/Caper Social Club
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Previous Themes:

January’s Theme:
Dee Dee & Coco’s Detox Disco

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About Dee Dee & Coco’s Detox Disco:

Get ready to put your spandex and high heels on and take to the floor for She’s a Maniac!  Meet Dee Dee and Coco:

Dee Dee is a dancer.  She is a star with a rags to riches story.  A former welder down the docks, she took one step aerobics class with her mother in law and fell in love with disco forever.  

Coco is on a no-carb, no-wheat, no-sugar, just-juice diet since 2pm today and she swears by it.  She taught Dee Dee everything she knows and she wouldn’t be a star without her.  She teaches a jazzercise class called ’Sparkle Like Coco’ in her local community hall and is staging a reunion of all her ‘favourite’ students.  

Join Dee Dee and Coco as they reunite for the greatest comeback since Steps!’ 

Terms of Service:  

18+ only

Shaper/Caper does not advocate for an irresponsible use of alcohol. Please drink in moderation and balance.  Click the links below for further information about alcohol consumption: