The Adventures of Isabel is a critically acclaimed, immersive dance theatre production for children aged between 3 and 7 years inspired by 19th and 20th century poetry about childhood.

The piece follows the exciting escapades of the frightfully fearless Isabel as she embarks on an epic adventure, encountering four fearsome foes along the way.  

This production is a fable for young and old alike, uncovering universal truths about overcoming obstacles, adversity and challenges before returning to the sanctuary of home.

Audiences are welcomed into Isabel’s garden, to sit in the flower beds (raised panels that reveal treasures throughout the show).  This world is transformed through Isabel’s imagination, and the audience join her on this journey.  The performance is an epic voyage through different worlds and landscapes – water, forest and circus – as Isabel faces many challenges, confronts her fears and learns about her emerging independence. The audience are encouraged to take part in various sections of the show and get out of their seats to dance alongside the cast.

Featuring choreography by multi award-winning choreographer Thomas Small, set and costume design by acclaimed designer Claire Halleran, lighting by Simon Gane and animation by Retchy.

Created with support from Creative Scotland.  Co-commissioned by Citymoves Dance Agency.

Promoters Information

We have various resources available including a Promoters Booklet with detailed information about the production and a Marketing Pack to support venues to sell the production.  We can also provide you with images, a press release and print.  


If you would like a Promoters Booklet or for more information about the show, please contact: 

Yolanda Aguilar

Director of Operations