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We often find ourselves turning to the immortal words of Whitney Houston who said it best when she said ‘I believe the children are the future’. Taking this ideology one step further, we believe that young people are the future, and so we thought it might be rather splendid to rope some of them in to have a butchers at our offer for young people and check it is indeed as #TotesAmazeballs as we think it is.  

We invite young folk aged between 16 and 30 with an interest in dance and the arts to come work with us to ensure that our projects are fresh, interesting and representative of the types of projects that young people want to get involved with.  We are currently looking for 12 young people to join us for monthly get togethers throughout the year to help steer HMS Shaper/Caper and help out backstage with our critically acclaimed performance work.  In return, you get free classes, free talks and masterclasses, opportunities to perform in our shows, free training in everything from digital skills to CV writing, and you will be mentored by our amazing (and super, well-connected) team! The group self-govern and meet once a month in Dundee. They chat and connect with each other via a Facebook group.

So, if you fancy being part of The Body, then scroll down and complete the form below! 

You can download an info sheet here.


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If you would like to join us, please complete the form below.  

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Team BodyRockers

Here are some of the most inspiring young people we have ever met! 

The Body are headed by a Chair and the group have decided to rotate this opportunity every 6 months so that all members can have an opportunity to try out this position.   

Meet our BodyRockers

Lesley Howard


Lesley is 20 and currently studying doing her BA(hons) in dance at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. Her background has always been around dance, mostly Musical Theatre. In addition, Lesley practiced Taekwondo for many years. Lesley also spent two summers working at a special needs camp in Minnesota, USA, where she took part in dance sessions with children and adults of a variety of different abilities. Lesley is intrigued in the power dance has and its ability to connect people. Lesley’s passion lies in communicating through dance, she hopes to continue this using dance therapy for people with additional needs and children. Lesley is also on the autistic spectrum and wants to advocate and raise awareness for Autism through dance.

If she could dance with anyone, it would have to be Tom Jones!

Some of Lesley’s favourite things:

Place: Minnesota
Hobby: Traveling
Colour: Yellow
Film: Toy Story
Quote: “You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t waste it.”

Harry Yardley


Harry is a 22 year old from Exeter. He is currently in his 3rd year of professional training at The Scottish school of contemporary dance. Whilst he had always loved dance, his main passion was in gymnastics. He later found the confidence to audition at the school where he got his place and loved it ever since. He applied and joined the body after falling in love with one of Shaper/Capers works "Within This Dust" and ever since that day he hasn't looked back! He says that Shaper/Caper is full of such talented individuals whom he has learnt so many skills.

Some of Harry's favourite things: 

City - Venice
Book - The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Urquhart
Film - Tarzan
Food - Raspberry Jelly
Song - When You Love Someone by James TW 


Hannah Bergin

Hannah Bergin (aged 21) is a contemporary Dancer from Ireland. She is currently in second year in London Contemporary dance school. She previously attended education in Scotland and Holland in which grew her passion even further in dance. Hannah hopes to graduate and continue exploring the political side of dance. Also she’s hoping to continue to be experimental within the studio as she enjoys sessions of improvisation.

Hannah has worked with choreographers such as Mariam Ribon, Toni Bravo, Andrea Beuggar and Marc Van Loon.

Some of Hannah’s favourite things:

City : Berlin
Film : The Kings Speech
Song : ‘Gold’ Spandu Ballet
Hobby’s: photography

Christina Panayiotou


Christina is 19 years old from Cyprus. Her passion in dance started from her younger years when she mainly trained in ballet and jazz. She started contemporary at the age of 15 and so she decided to move to Scotland and start her training at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. She’s currently in her second year of training and she is hoping to do a postgraduate degree and then perform around the world when she graduates.

She joined The Body in March 2019 with the thinking of having connections with local professional companies for her future approach and to gain the experience of working with professionals.

Christina loves old school hip hop, rap and RnB music. She loves urban dance and goes crazy about dancehall (afrodance)!


If she could dance with any person in the world that would be Beyonce 👑😋

Ailish Hassett

Biog coming soon.


Jorja Follina

Jorja started dancing at the age of two and went on to perform and compete in ballet, jazz and lyrical. She moved from the Isle of Wight to Dundee in order to pursue a growing passion for contemporary dance, studying at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. During her final year of training, she gained a position in the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland, touring Scotland and performing in Melbourne, Australia.

 After graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Dance Performance, Jorja was awarded a Bridge Award Internship with Scottish Dance Theatre in which she set up her community project, Re-Mind. Since then, she has been working as a freelance dancer and dance teacher, now based in Edinburgh. Also a trained fitness instructor, she enjoys performing regularly and teaching students of all ages, as well as training in aerial and crafting improvisational skills.

Jorja has been a member of The Body since 2018 and has taken advantage of many training and performance opportunities including CUT, No Offence and The V&A Opening Ceremony. She also enjoys the social aspect of The Body and the support staff and members offer each other.


Some of Jorja's favourite things:

The sea
The Eyes of The Skin by Juhani Pallasmaa

Photo credit: John White

Eleanor Walker

Eleanor update.jpg

Eleanor (she/her/hers) is from Peebles in the Scottish Borders where she started dancing jazz, modern, contemporary and tap. She is a current in her last year of the BA Contemporary Dance course at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in Dundee where she has lived for 2 years. After graduating, she hopes to work in the creative industries, ideally in a position that allows her to create work, produce shows or simply in a job that means she’s surrounded by people who love dance. She has a particular passion for improvisation and researching how we respond to different stimuli in the present moment. Eleanor joined the body to work with like-minded people and to support the work of her peers.

If I could dance with any person, it would be with my dad (once he’d taken a few lessons!).

Some of Eleanor's favourite things:

Colour: Purple
Song: "Ride" by Lana Del Rey
Musical: Chicago
Food: Sushi, dark chocolate and sorbet

Nicole Anderson


Nicole Anderson is from Dundee and in her 4th year at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. She started dancing at 15 when she went into her 1st year at The Space but had done gymnastics for years before.

After graduation, she would love to be part of a touring rep company.

She joined The Body because she said it gives her the chance to gain professional experience working closely with the company.
Some of Nicole's favourite things: 
Gaga technique
Sight seeing


Myrthe Helms

Myrthe is 20 years old, from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She’s currently in her second year of training at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, and is a certified PBT and IDTA teacher. She also trains with the Ballet West Dundee Associates.

Myrthe started dance when she was studying at uni, looking for a hobby. Inspired by the movie ‘Black Swan’ she started ballet, which then dramatically evolved into full time dance training. After graduation in a few years, she hopes to continue exploring all the different sides of dance, and to one day own her own dance studio, sharing her knowledge and passion with others.

She joined the body after having been active in working with the Dance for Parkinson’s project.


Who she would like to dance with? Hans van Manen, Paul Lightfoot and Crystal Pite

Masterclasses and Talks


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TALK: The Art of Failure

A chat about Tommy's career in dance, and a humorous look at the failures that have enabled success in his career plus Q&A.

WHEN: Wed 2 Oct 6.00pm

WHERE: Hannah MacLure Centre, Abertay University, Top Floor, Abertay Student Centre, 1 - 3 Bell St, Dundee DD1 1HP

1 copy.jpg


A recruitment get together to look over the year of opportunities ahead plus listening exercises, panel Q&A and networking

WHEN: Wed 2nd Oct 6.00pm

WHERE: Hannah MacLure Centre, Abertay University, Top Floor, Abertay Student Centre, 1 - 3 Bell St, Dundee DD1 1HP


TALK: Who Runs the World? Producers!

A run down of what is involved in the day to day running of a busy touring company. Looking at strategies, fundraising and project planning. Led by Shaper/Caper’s Director of Operations, Yolanda Aguilar.

WHEN: Wed 23 Oct 5.30pm


Unwanted Promo Image.jpg

MASTERCLASS: Learn repertoire from The Unwanted

Learn about the creative process behind The Unwanted and learn rep from the work. Led by Artistic Director, Thomas Small and Dance Artist, Alex McCrossan.

WHEN: Wed 23 Oct 6.30pm




TALK: Stop, Collaborate and Listen!

A guide to collaborating with artists with examples of work plus Q&A. Led by Artistic Director, Thomas Small and guest artist.

WHEN: Thurs 21 Nov 5.30pm


Sbro_3D_Festival_Shaper Caper_Performance_Day01-15.jpg

MASTERCLASS: The Choreography Lab

A practical lab style workshop exploring choreography and the elements of dance. Led by Artistic Director, Thomas Small.

WHEN: Thurs 21 Nov 6.30pm




TALK: Touring Tales with Shaper/Caper’s Pro Dancers’

A warts and all chat with Shaper/Caper's wonderful pro dancers about life on the road and backstage goss on Paper Moon! Led by Miranda Mac Letten and Robert Anderson.

WHEN: Wed 18 Dec 5.30pm



MASTERCLASS: Company Class with Shaper/Caper’s Pro Dancers’

Company Class with cast of Paper Moon, - Miranda Mac Letten and Robert Anderson.

WHEN: Wed 18 Dec 6.30pm




23 JAN 2020 - So you wanna set up a Dance Company?
A practical guide to everything you need to think about and do to set up a dance company.

19 FEB 2020 - Lessons in Teaching
A practical guide to everything you need to think about and do to set up a dance company.

26 MARCH 2020 - Learning on the Job
A discussion around Dance Trainee and Trainee Producer experience of learning on the job

23 APRIL 2020 - Tommy's Top Tips for Triumph!
About to graduate or recent graduate? Here are Tommy's Top Tips to ensuring a successful career!

1 MAY 2020 - Take the Chair
A chat with Shaper/Caper's Chair and Vice Chair on the role of Chairing

18 JUNE 2020 - How to Pitch Yourself & Make it Happen!
More tips on auditions and how to pitch yourself, your work and generally making it happen!

16 JULY 2020 - From Idea to Stage
Exploring the role of an Artistic Director overseeing everything from marketing, website through to productions on stage

5 AUGUST 2020 - How I Made it Happen
An honest conversation with Shaper/Caper's pro dancers about performing in Within This Dust and their career paths


23 JAN 2020 - How to use: Video Editing Software
Practical workshop exploring video editing software Final Cut Pro and iMovie

19 FEB 2020 - Lessons in Teaching
To support the Lessons in Teaching Talk, this is a practical workshops exploring Shaper/Caper's Creative Learning method

26 MARCH 2020 - I Love Me
A practical workshop exploring feedback, resilience, and confidence building

10 APRIL 2020 - Learning repertoire from Paper Moon
A practical workshop with the cast of Paper Moon learning rep from the show and discussing the process

6 MAY 2020 - Showreel Surgery
An opportunity to receive feedback on your showreel

18 JUNE 2020 - CV Surgery
A practical workshop reviewing CV's and tips on best practise plus what not to do!

16 JULY 2020 - Film in a Day
An opportunity to film and then edit a short piece of work.

5 AUGUST 2020- Learning repertoire from Within This Dust
Learn about the creative process behind internationally acclaimed work, Within This Dust, and learn rep from the work