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We often find ourselves turning to the immortal words of Whitney Houston who said it best when she said ‘I believe the children are the future’. Taking this ideology one step further, we believe that young people are the future, and so we thought it might be rather splendid to rope some of them in to have a butchers at our offer for young people and check it is indeed as #TotesAmazeballs as we think it is.  

We invite young folk aged between 15 and 25 with an interest in dance and the arts to come work with us to ensure that our projects are fresh, interesting and representative of the types of projects that young people want to get involved with.  We are currently looking for 12 young people to join us for monthly meetings throughout the year to help steer HMS Shaper/Caper and help out backstage with our critically acclaimed performance work.  In return, you get free classes, opportunities to perform in our shows, free training in everything from digital skills to CV writing, and you will be mentored by our amazing (and super, well-connected) team! The group self-govern and meet once a month in Dundee. They chat and connect with each other via a Facebook group.

So, if you fancy being part of The Body, then scroll down and complete the form below! 

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Team BodyRockers

Here are some of the most inspiring young people we have ever met! 

The Body are headed by a Chair and the group have decided to rotate this opportunity every 6 months so that all members can have an opportunity to try out this position.   

Meet our BodyRockers

Lesley Howard


Lesley is 19 and currently studying at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, HND year. Her background has always been around dance, mostly Musical Theatre. In addition, Lesley practiced Taekwondo for many years. Lesley also spent two summers working at a special needs camp in Minnesota, USA, where she took part in dance sessions with children and adults of a variety of different abilities. Lesley is intrigued in the power dance has and its ability to connect people. Lesley’s passion lies in communicating through dance, she hopes to continue this using dance therapy for people with additional needs and children. Lesley is also on the autistic spectrum and wants to advocate and raise awareness for Autism through dance.

Some of Lesley’s favourite things:

Place: Minnesota
Hobby: Traveling
Colour: Yellow
Film: Toy Story
Quote: “You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t waste it.”

Sarah Greene

Sarah is a freelance Dance Artist based in Dundee. In 2017 she graduated from The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance with a First Class BA (Hons) Degree. During her training, Sarah worked with choreographers Jack Webb, Steven Martin, Marc Brew and Joan Cleville.

Since graduating, Sarah has worked for Scottish Dance Theatre's Creative Team supporting and leading their creative outreach classes. Sarah is also a fully trained Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) practitioner. She teaches PBT and Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet classes for Tayside Ballet.

Sarah has also performed for award winning companies such as Gary Clarke Company, Catherine Young Dance, and Fuora Dance Project. As well as performing, Sarah has a great interest in children's interactive performances and education through movement. Working with Shaper/Caper is a real pleasure for Sarah as she gets to explore and develop her skills in creatively working in a learning environment.

Some of Sarah's favourite things:
City - Venice
Book - "The Name of the Wind" Patrick Rothfuss
Quote - "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on!" Dean Martin
Song - "Fisherman's Blues" The Waterboys
Dessert - Creme Brulee 

Harry Yardley


Harry is a 20 year old from Exeter in England but has lived most of his life in Dundee. Harry is in his first year at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. Harry has a strong gymnastics background with 12 years experience competing all around the UK and teaching. Dancing has always been in Harry's bones but this year he finally had the courage to audition, securing his place as SSCD. 

Harry hopes to explore the world as a professional dancer working alongside many inspiring choreographers. Harry also wants to put his creativity into choreography and hopes that one day he will be showing his work all around the Scotland. 

Some of Harry's favourite things: 

City - Venice
Book - The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Urquhart
Film - Tarzan
Food - Raspberry Jelly
Song - When You Love Someone by James TW 


Kirsty Tewnion

Kirsty is 23 years old and has danced since she was three years old.  She started off with tap and modern and found ballet at a later age.  She was inspired to start studying contemporary dance after seeing Rambert perform in 2010.  That Summer, Kirsty attended the Summer school at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, a couple of years later she auditioned for them and got a space to study dance.  It was here that Kirsty obtained her degree in contemporary dance performance.  Since leaving, Kirsty has been assisting and teaching classes in the Aberdeen area.  She is looking into courses so she can teach a variety of styles and add many strings to her bow.  She is hoping to make a career out of performing, teaching and choreographing. 

Some of Kirsty's favourite things:

Music style: Country
Book: Two Brothers by Ben Elton
Country: Scotland or Italy
Song: Sunshine on Leith by The Proclaimers
Film: Anything Disney or Harry Potter

jorja follina headshot.jpg

Jorja Follina

Jorja is 22 years old and grew up on the Isle of Wight. She moved to Dundee four years ago to study the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, where she recently completed her degree. She has been involved in a variety of projects across Scotland and loves performing powerful and physical work, but also enjoys teaching inclusive work and improvisation. Jorja loves challenge and adrenaline, and has experience in aerial silks and trapeze. She would love to one day merge this with contemporary dance, and aims to travel while performing professionally. 

Some of Jorja's favourite things:

The sea
The Eyes of The Skin by Juhani Pallasmaa

Eleanor Walker

Eleanor update.jpg

Eleanor is currently a student at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, in the HND year. Her background of dance originated in Tap and Jazz, but it's contemporary that ignited her to drive to move from teaching children to studying dance full-time. She is hugely passionate about dance, but in particular the sense of community and teamwork that comes along with creating great art together. She is also curious about the way dance can affect people's outlook on the everyday. She hopes to use her dance skills to open up other people's minds to more possibilities and maybe even more when it comes to bigger issues. She believes that working as part of a team (especially one as awesome as The Body!) is the best way to see change happen.

Some of Eleanor's favourite things:

Colour: Purple
Song: "Ride" by Lana Del Rey
Musical: Chicago
Food: Sushi, dark chocolate and sorbet

Dylan Boswell

Dylan is 22 years old from Dundee. She started dance classes at 3 years old and danced until she was 15. After struggling to choose what she wanted to do after finishing high school, she decided to try contemporary dance and started studying at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. Now that she's graduated, Dylan has big plans to travel around the world and become an established choreographer.

Some of Dylan's favourite things:
Colour - Yellow
Book: More than Human by Theodore Sturgeon
Song: Rhinocerous by The Smashing Pumpkins
Film: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Nicole Anderson


Nicole is currently studying at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, going into her 3rd year of training. She has a long gymnastics background with 11 years training and 4 years of teaching. Nicole has recently been working with and teaching people of a variety of ages, and a range of abilities, from wheelchair dance to youth classes. She loves how dance and movement can create such a confidence in today’s modern society and has found such reward and passion in this. 

Nicole would love to tour as a professional dancer, working for exciting and innovative choreographers around the world. She hopes to have numerous opportunities to perform in Scotland with the amazing talent it has to offer.
Some of Nicole's favourite things: 
Gaga technique
Sight seeing