We often find ourselves turning to the immortal words of Whitney Houston who said it best when she said ‘I believe the children are the future’. Taking this ideology one step further, we believe that young people are the future, and so we thought it might be rather splendid to rope some of them in to have a butchers at our offer for young people and check it is indeed as #TotesAmazeballs as we think it is.  

We invite young folk aged between 15 and 26 with an interest in the arts to come work with us to ensure that our projects are fresh, interesting and representative of the types of projects that young people want to get involved with.  We are currently looking for 12 young people to join us for 4 meetings a year to help steer HMS Shaper/Caper and help out backstage with our critically acclaimed performance work.  In return, you get free classes, opportunities to perform in our shows and will be mentored by our amazing (and super, well-connected) team! You don’t need to be a dancer to be involved, just a real interest in the arts.

So, if you fancy being part of The Body, then scroll down and complete the form below! 

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Team BodyRockers

Here are some of the most inspiring young people we have ever met! 

Meet our BodyRockers 

William Hodson

William is 20 years old from Southampton, England. William began dancing in 2008 with a male dance company run by his secondary school. He studied dance at GCSE and A level, then furthered his studies at Northern School of Contemporary Dance with a one year foundation course 2013/14 and is now at Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in his second year of training. Before moving away he was part of an all male youth dance company called Fuzzy Logic 2009 until 2014 based in and around Southampton, who would tour nationally throughout the years.

William's hopes for the future are to travel the globe with professional dance companies as well as collaborating with other artist to create personal and diverse projects.

Some of William’s favourite things:
Hobby: Photography
Animal: Chimpanzee
Band: Mumford and Sons
Film: Dawn of the Plant of the Apes
Quote: ‘Am I grumpy? I might be. But I think maybe sometimes it’s misinterpreted.’  Harrison Ford


Katie McFarlane

Katie is 23 and going into her final year studying Contemporary Dance Performance at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. She didn't start dancing until she was 21 (and had zero experience) having first ventured into art and fashion design. Finally doing what she is passionate about, she hopes to graduate and create a career out doing what she loves most. 

Some of Katie's favourite things:
City - Paris
Book - Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
Film - Roman Holiday
Food - Raspberries
Song - 'I'll be seeing you' by Billie Holiday  


Kaja Jurkowska


Kaja is 24 years old. Originally from Poland, she had her first experience with dance at the age of 5. Leaving her homeland at the age of 19 she wasn’t sure of what life would bring. Before moving away Kaja was a member of a contemporary dance group called ‘Progress’ based in Belchatow, together with the group she performed nationally and internationally from 2004 until 2012. In 2014 she started studying dance at Performing Arts Studio Scotland in Edinburgh, where she finished 2 years training followed by BA Hons Degree at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in Dundee.

Now graduated, Kaja is aiming to explore her creativity and deepen her choreographic practice, at the same time she is hoping take part in as many projects associated with dance/art as possible!

Some of Kaja's favourite things:

Colour: grey

Food: pizza, dumplings, chocolate

Song: ‘Baby I love your way’ Big Mountain (amongst million other)

Movie: Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra

Things to do: Travel the world

Quote: ‘Wherever a dancer stands is a holy ground’ Martha Graham


Sarah Greene

Sarah is 23 years old and from Dublin, Ireland. She had always been involved in dance, from attending ballet classes since she she was 3 years old to joining Dublin Youth Dance Company as a teenager before moving to Dundee 3 years ago to complete her degree in Contemporary Dance Performance at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance.

Sarah is currently working as a freelance dance artist, and getting involved in as many dance/art based projects as she can! She is also working towards finishing her RAD ballet teacher training and is looking forward to eventually setting up her own ballet school. 

Some of Sarah's favourite things:
City - Venice
Book - "The Name of the Wind" Patrick Rothfuss
Quote - "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on!" Dean Martin
Song - "Fisherman's Blues" The Waterboys
Dessert - Creme Brulee 


Harry Yardley


Harry is a 20 year old from Exeter in England but has lived most of his life in Dundee. Harry is in his first year at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. Harry has a strong gymnastics background with 12 years experience competing all around the UK and teaching. Dancing has always been in Harry's bones but this year he finally had the courage to audition, securing his place as SSCD. 

Harry hopes to explore the world as a professional dancer working alongside many inspiring choreographers. Harry also wants to put his creativity into choreography and hopes that one day he will be showing his work all around the Scotland. 

Some of Harry's favourite things: 

City - Venice
Book - The Forgotten Highlander by Alistair Urquhart
Film - Tarzan
Food - Raspberry Jelly
Song - When You Love Someone by James TW 

Chris O’Mara

Chris is in his second year of studying Contemporary Dance and Performance at The Space, and recently performed with Smallpetitklein in the Dundee Dance Trail, along with his fellow students.  Although he enjoys Contemporary dance, his penchant is musical theatre. With a year of training at Adam Smith College, Chris co-created The LimeLight Company, a musical theatre school for young people aged 4-21. He has starred in many musicals since starting at 10, such as We Will Rock You and Our House, and has directed and choreographed for the last few years. Recent productions include Sweeney Todd, Cats and Grease.  He also directed the world record breaking "Guys and Dolls" with The Limelight Company's 24 Hour Show. In less than 23 hours, the show was revealed, rehearsed and performed for a sell out audience, complete with full set, costume and lighting. The show broke the previous record, but has since been broken again - a new challenge to achieve!  Chris is excited to be surrounded by so many creative and inspiring people, and hopes some of their talent rubs off on him!

Some of Chris’ favourite things:
Colour: Lime Green
Film: Pan's Labyrinth
Food: Ice Lollies
Place: Centre-stage!
Song: Corner Of The Sky (from Pippin the Musical)

Sam McGovern

Sam is an aspiring artist who is part of Dundee’s youth action group and hopes to attend Duncan of Jordanstone in the near future and collaborate with other artists and meet new people involved in art.

Some of Sam’s favourite things:
Book: "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven: (Or, How I Made Peace with the ParaNormal and Stigmatized Zealots and Cynics in the Process)" by Corey Taylor.
Film: Spirited Away
Superhero: Deadpool
Band: Slipknot
Quote: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dog.”




Dylan Boswell

Dylan is 22 years old from Dundee. She started dance classes at 3 years old and danced until she was 15. After struggling to choose what she wanted to do after finishing high school, she decided to try contemporary dance and started studying at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. Now that she's graduated, Dylan has big plans to travel around the world and become an established choreographer.


Some of Dylan's favourite things:
Colour - Yellow
Book: More than Human by Theodore Sturgeon
Song: Rhinocerous by The Smashing Pumpkins
Film: Lord of the Rings Trilogy


Jourdan Walker

Jourdan is 22 years old.  She was born in England but has lived in Scotland most of her life. She began dancing at 18 when she auditioned at the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance for the first year course. With little hope of even being offered a place she graduated with a BA Hons Degree four years later.  Jourdan endeavours to be to be an example to others that if she could pursue her dream with two left feet and no coordination, anyone can if they work hard enough. Now graduated, Jourdan is dipping her toes into many pools of opportunity as she loves anything and everything that involves dance.

Some of Jourdan's favourite things:
Spending time with family
Inclusive dance
Improvising in a studio or space big enough to move