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Marketing Images for Paper Moon

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Marketing Copy

Paper Moon is a delightful and memorable adventure show for under 5s specially created for Cumbernauld Theatre by the acclaimed Shaper/Caper featuring beautiful set and costume design by Janis Hart. The show premiered in December 2018 and all 29 performances sold out!

The moonlight is beautiful, shining across the bedroom floor as Poppy Diddle dozes off. But is all as calm as it seems? Suddenly, Poppy wakes up to discover that the MoonMoo (the cow that jumped over the moon) has got stuck on the Moon! Poppy’s mission is clear! And she really needs your help to rescue MoonMoo!

Will you be Poppy’s friend at Astronaut School and help her build paper rockets to get to space?  5-4-3-2-1-BLAST OFF!

Join Poppy and her dog Peppy on this wonderful adventure as she launches across the canvas sky, at the speed of light, towards the Paper Moon.

Throughout the show, there are lots of opportunities for children and adults alike to join in Poppy’s journey through movement and we actively welcome audiences to join us!


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Show Trailers

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