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A playful workshop for children and their families

We offer truly unique adventures for children and young people based in the Douglas and Whitfield areas of Dundee, that are based on our critically acclaimed productions.


More Days to Play is the perfect mix of performance by professional dancers with an interactive workshop designed for all the family to take part in (even the grown-ups!) Each session is led by professional dancers and our award winning director and first ever Artist in Residence at BBC Radio 2, Thomas Small.  

Each month, we present brand new versions of our critically acclaimed productions that have toured the world!  More Days to Play allows children and young people to be adventurous and explore creativity alongside expert pro dancers.  

The sessions help children and young people to develop their self-confidence through a range of stimulating exercises and encourage problem solving and collaboration with others.  From the moment you arrive at More Days to Play until the moment you leave, you are immersed in new, exciting worlds!

More Days to Play is intergenerational so they are suitable for children and young people from the age of 2 to 12 and we would LOVE for families to come along too and join in the playtime with a creative adventure with your kids.  Carers, grannies, aunties and best pals are all welcome - the more the merrier!  You don't need ANY experience to enjoy More Days to Play so come give it a whirl.  

No workshop is ever the same and there is NOTHING else like this in Dundee! So, come spend a magical time with Shaper/Caper! 





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Mission: Treasure

Currently on tour around Douglas & Whitfield.


Far off the coast of Dundee, HMS Boohoo has sprung a leak and it's dastardly pirates are heading this way! They've heard about all the swag in the community centre and they're looking to recruit some bounty hunters at A Day to Play.  Join Captain Caper in this swashbuckling adventure suitable for all the family  

ALL of our previous A Day To Play events have sold out so don’t miss out!! 

Suitable for children and young people of all ages (2+).  Adults are encouraged to join in and play along with their child. 

Tickets are FREE thanks to funding from Big Lottery's Awards for All fund.  


Other More Days to Play Themes

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Pretty Grimm

Pretty Grimm explores the fairy tales of Brothers Grimm.  These are not any old ordinary fairy tale though! Get ready for an adventure with lots of Brothers Grimm characters such as Hansel & Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel, Snow White and Cinderella coming together in a brand new fairy tale.  Date and tickets will be released soon!


Smallerton Institute for Witchcraft and Wizardry

Get ready to enrol as first year students at the Smallerton Institute for Witchcraft and Wizardry.  You will conjure spells and magical charms; concoct exotic potions; and come face to face with Smallerton's scariest foe, Dante the Dastardly Dragon! Bring along your wands and feel free to wear your wizarding robes for your first day at magic school!  Date and tickets will be released soon!


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Wild Things

Get ready for an epic adventure through the jungle to meet exotic, never seen before animals of momentous magnitude and scale! Swing on the jungle vines and climb the tree tops to look out for adventure at every twist and turn.  Welcome to the Jungle!  Date and tickets will be released soon!


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The Bear Hunt

Who's ready for a Bear Hunt? This will be an epic trail across land, sea and air in search of the ever resourceful, master of disguise, Bear.  Look out for clues and bear tracks along the way as we search for our intrepid friend!  Date and tickets will be released soon!


Lost & Found

Jeremy is lost at the museum.  You might think that sounds scary but Jeremy has ended up in the Lost Property office and has discovered some rather fantastic items including a golden goblet, a rusted key, a mouldy jam sandwich and a set of false teeth! What other jewels will Jeremy discover? Date and tickets will be released soon!

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Journey on Clouds

Join us as we embark on a fantastic airborne journey to distant and colorful lands.  As we travel by cloud, we let our dreams guide us next moves as we float to new and enthralling worlds.  Date and tickets will be released soon!

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The Voyage Undersea

There is a right old commotion at the bottom of the ocean.  The sharks have fallen out with the swordfish, the crab and the lobster have too; as the whales float on by, the mermaids all cry, as the dolphins dart out to the sky.  Come with us on a voyage undersea as we try to find out what all the fuss is about.  Date and tickets will be released soon!


My Robot and Me

Rebecca has a robot.  Rebecca and Robot like to ride rollercoasters, rap, rock out, race and ramble.  They're rather rambunctious rascals! But Robot is getting old and Rebecca's friends think she should get a brand new model.  But what should she do?

Date and tickets will be released soon!


The Grannies Who Flew to the Moon

This workshop explore's Thomas' dance film The Grannies Who Flew To The Moon created as part of his role as Artist in Residence at BBC Radio 2 and inspired by children's writing for the short story competition 500 Words.