• Koninklijke Balletgroep Le Cygne (map)
  • Lippenslaan 300 bus 12,
  • 8300 Knokke
  • Belgium
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Exploring the events surrounding 9/11, this production is inspired by Richard Drew’s iconic photographs that capture a man falling from the World Trade Centre. It balances sumptuous movement and subtle storytelling to explore themes of impact, loss, survival and humanity in relation to the stark horror of the day and is performed within a backdrop of almost 3000 pieces of white paper that symbolise the lives lost that day.  Within This Dust has been presented to sell out audiences around the world including Sao Paulo, Berlin and New York City 3 times.

Developed by award winning choreographer Thomas Small, this cinematic performance blends 3 live dance works with animation and survivor’s accounts.

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