• McManus Galleries (map)
  • Albert Square, Meadowside,
  • Dundee DD1 1DA
  • United Kingdom
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Sunday 21st January - 2pm to 3pm at The McManus: Dundee's Art Gallery and Museum.

Poppy’s paper moon sails over a cardboard sea.  The moonlight is beautiful, shining across her bedroom floor as she dozes off.  Poppy wakes up to discover that someone has switched off the moonlight! She notices, that in all the commotion, the MoonMoo (the cow that jumped over the moon) has got stuck on the Moon! Poppy’s mission is clear! She calls upon her friends in the audience to rescue the MoonMoo and switch the light back on! Poppy trains the audience at Astronaut School where they build paper rockets to get to space.  5-4-3-2-1-BLAST OFF!  But, all is not as it seems! Join Poppy as she launches across the canvas sky in a race against time to discover who switched off the light! A story about space, environment, climate change and sustainability

To book your FREE tickets click here. The audience are encouraged to take part in various sections of the show and get out of their seats to dance alongside the cast.

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Suitable for children and young people of all ages (2+).  Adults are very welcome to join in and play along or watch with their child.  Click here for more information or here to book tickets

Book tickets here! Tickets are FREE as part of The People’s Story celebrating McManus 150, the 150th anniversary of the The McManus!  You MUST book a free ticket here as we expect this show to sell out as there are only 50 seats available!