Rejection. Failure. Loser. ☹

For 15 years, Thomas has faced a constant, stifling stream of rejection. Dates broken, relationships soured but even worse … dance pieces that never got made. He's written about the blighters in funding applications, discussed them with commissioners, paraded them out to promoters, but sadly, they remain unwanted. From a large-scale interactive piece about the apocalypse to a piece exploring the nuances of cheddar cheese, for one night only, using letters of rejection as a starting point, Thomas will bring them to life.  Maybe we’ll discover there was a reason that they never got made …

The Unwanted premieres in March 2019.

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Promoters Information

We have various resources available including a Promoters Booklet with detailed information about the production and a Marketing Pack to support venues to sell the production.  We can also provide you with images, a press release and print.  


If you would like a Promoters Booklet or for more information about the show, please contact: 

Yolanda Aguilar

Director of Operations




 The Unwanted is funded by Creative Scotland

The Unwanted is funded by Creative Scotland