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Thank you for considering The Unwanted for presentation at your venue or festival.  Please find below a range of resources for your perusal.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email hello@shapercaper.com and we can chat things through with you.  Please check out the videos of the show below. 

We have a full resource of marketing materials including copy, images, trailers and social media films that we can adapt to include your venue/festival logo. This can be accessed here.  






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About the show

A show about failure. 

Rejection. Failure. Loser. ☹

For 15 years, Thomas has faced a constant, stifling stream of rejection. Dates broken, relationships soured but even worse … dance pieces that never got made. He's written about the blighters in funding applications, discussed them with commissioners, paraded them out to promoters, but sadly, they remain unwanted. From a large-scale interactive piece about the apocalypse to a piece exploring the nuances of cheddar cheese, for one night only, using letters of rejection as a starting point, Thomas will bring them to life.  Maybe we’ll discover there was a reason that they never got made …

The Unwanted premiered in February 2019.

Created with support from Creative Scotland, Citymoves Dance Agency and Dance Base.


Images from the show


Promoters Pack & Tech Rider

This Promoters Pack and Tech Rider can also be downloaded via Dropbox here

Marketing Pack

This Marketing Pack can also be downloaded via Dropbox here

Show Trailers

We can create a version of this trailer with your venue details and box office information.  Just get in touch with yolanda@shapercaper.com with your venue/festival logos and box office information.

Listen to music featured in The Unwanted

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