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Welcome Backstage!

Thank you for considering Within This Dust for presentation at your venue or festival.  Please find below a range of resources for your perusal.   If you have any questions, please feel free to email hello@shapercaper.com and we can chat things through with you.  Please check out the full video of show below. 

We have a full resource of marketing materials including copy, images, trailers and social media films that we can adapt to include your venue/festival logo.  This can be accessed here.

About the show

15 years after the events of 9/11, multi award-winning choreographer and BBC Radio 2 Artist in Residence Thomas Small, presents his critically acclaimed production Within This Dust. Inspired by photographer Richard Drew’s iconic images of a man falling from the World Trade Center during the attacks, Within This Dust has been presented to sell-out audiences around the world including Sao Paulo, Berlin and 9/11 Memorial & Museum at World Trade Center in NYC. This cinematic performance by Dundee based dance company Shaper/Caper, includes 3 live dance works blended with animation and survivor’s accounts, balancing beautiful movement and subtle storytelling to explore themes of, loss, survival and humanity in relation to the stark horror of that day.

The show is danced by 2 dancers and is scalable so can be performed in small rural venues as well as large main stage houses.  The work has simple technical requirements.  Please see our up to date Promoters Pack & Tech Rider below for full information about the show. 


Images from the show


Promoters Pack & Tech Rider

This Promoters Pack and Tech Rider can also be downloaded via Dropbox here

Marketing Pack

This Marketing Pack can also be downloaded via Dropbox here

Education Pack

This Education Pack can also be downloaded via Dropbox here

Show Trailer

Full of video of production

Please note this was filmed in 2015 with our previous cast (Marta Masiero and Romain Guion).  The show is now danced by Lisa Hood (Avant Garde Dance, Rosie Kay, Arthur Pita) and Vince Virr (Barrowland Ballet, Protein, Matthew Bourne). 

Listen to music featured in Within This Dust

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